The Wine valleys

La Casona at Matetic

Similar in concept to that of the nearby Casa Real, the La Casona at Matetic offers superb accommodation in an absolutely delightful setting, while also being a stone’s throw from one of Chile’s finest vineyards. Located just of the main road through to Valparaiso, the Matetic vineyard has become famous the world over for the fantastic, organic wines that it produces.

Hotel Casa Real

Without doubt one of the most popular wineries in the valleys that stretch out from Santiago, the Vina Santa Rita has become famous for its history and dining, in the form of the Dona Paula restaurant. What it should, but thankfully isn’t, so famous for is the grandiose and regal Casa Real.

Chile Honeymoon

Why travel to Chile for a honeymoon? As a country spanning around 4,000kms from the north to the south, but a mere 177kms from east to west, the shape of Chile allows for many contrasts. These geographical contrasts are echoed in the political contrasts that have also shaped this wonderful country’s social psyche and so, for many that choose to come here on Chile honeymoons, the journey is both physical and mental.


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